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Skylight Installation

Skylights provide natural lighting that always a great addition to any space. It’s a great way to improve the mood and the value of your home. You can dramatically transform your home with daylight and fresh air. Installing skylights will help you save your monthly bills. The Verde Group provides a wide variety of Skylight Installation Baltimore that comes in different designs to match your home design. With the help of our highly-trained experts, you will be guided from selecting the right product to installing it.

Skylight Repair Service

Do you have one of those skylights that continue to leak? Skylight leaks may be the result of faulty installation, damaged flashing near the skylight, leaks from other parts of the home, or even improper repairs. Some skylights can be repaired, others must be replaced. Our service team is always available to provide you hassle-free skylight repairs and installation with the help of DeWalt power tools.

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